Perth City

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Perth Sunset
Perth Sunset from Perth Hills

Somebody says it’s the most remote city in the world as the closest city is Adelaide 2,150 kms. Other cities for example Melbourne 2,730 kms, Jakarta 3,020 kms – yes, Jakarta is closer than the rest of Aussie cities on east coast, Sydney 3,280 kms – or Bali Island 2,600 kms. Prague is very far away – 13,450 kms.

The city of Perth is very small, it’s just the centre of the metropolitan area. But if we talk about Perth, we refer to many suburbs around. So you can live few minutes of driving from the centre and you are not anymore in Perth City. The closest suburbs could be for example in the City of Vincent, Maylands, Subiaco, Rivervale etc. The metropolitan area has a bit over 2,060,000 inhabitants (2016) and the population density is just 322 people/km which is not so high like the European cities use to have, for example Prague 496 people/km.

Feelings about Perth

Perth is very interesting city, I would say, even if many people say it’s boring. Apparently Perth is not so busy as Sydney or Melbourne, not so many events happen here, but on the other hand it’s very peaceful, calm, with no stress around. The shops close at 5pm and the people are a bit lazy. They prefer to enjoy life than work hard. This is my feeling but honestly I can imagine people in the CBD (Central Business District) who are stressed at work pretty much.

What I really like here are many things which help you to enjoy life. For example parks, there are a lot of them and maybe all of them have free BBQ places. You come with your meat, switch the electrical grill on and you can enjoy great moments with your friends. In the parks you can also find gyms under open air. I mean just some facilities to work out in fresh air. These are also free of charge of course.

What I have to mention are trails along the river where you can ride your bike or have a walk enjoying great time by the river with balmy breeze. There is no doubt these places are really amazing even more for us (Europeans) as the flora is totally different to ours. What is beyond description is the smell of local nature. I have to say it’s totally different again. This could be also the reason to experience Australia on your own.

Getting back to CBD I should mention few skyscrapers which create the typical shape of the city. They are beautiful and with the ocean it’s a nice orientation point. If you go out of the city you can orientate easily. On top of one skyscraper there is a rotating restaurant. You can have a sit by the window and every moment enjoy different view.

Local Drivers

The most important transport way is car. If you don’t have a car and don’t live and work in the centre, you have a serious problem. The public transport is too slow and neither punctual. To have a car is a need. In a city like Perth, where the car transportation is that important, you would expect good drivers. Generally I would say the local drivers keep the rules. But they are not so good in comparison with Europeans. They don’t anticipate, they don’t know what traffic smoothness is and moreover they are not polite with pedestrians. The drivers are not used to give way to them at all. Very different to Europe.

Perth in night
Perth in night
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