First Impressions from Australia

Perth Sunset
Perth Sunset from Perth Hills

It’s a bit strange to post my first impressions from Australia after 7 months living here, but actually I pretty remember them, so it would be a problem to express them well. In fact some of them I’ll never forget in my life 🙂


At the beginning of my stay in Perth I realized that Australia is really expensive. This was the worst experience which I had immediately after arrival. Just the trip from the airport to the city by bus cost maybe 5 times more than in Prague. I have read that in general Perth is two-times more expensive than Prague. In fact something is on the same level like in Czechia, other things are much more expensive. For the services we spend here much more, for example Kebab for $16 when in Prague it could be maybe for $5.50 (100 CZK).

Milky Way
Milky Way shot from Bells Rapids Park
Sunny weather

In case of the sunshine from the astronomical point of view, Perth has the same sun like Egypt. If I say it another way, you cannot find a place in Europe which would have the same amount of sun shine like Perth has. Let’s take in mind lower ozone layer which is above Australia you can imagine how deadly strong the sun is here during summers. This and the thing that the modern Australians are exEuropeans without enough pigmentation for proper protection are the reasons why this country is on the top in skin cancer ranking.

Easy-going talkative people

The Australians generally are very talkative. The Aussie style is similar to the American one

Kangaroos in Mundarring Weir

when all the people around speak to you much more than in Czechia. Also their attitude is more positive than in our country. I am pretty sure the beautiful weather has an impact to the general mood.

Mixture from all around the world

It was several weeks before coming to Perth, when I read an article expressing percentage how many Aussie households speak another language than English. The estimation was almost 50%. That time I could not imagine it, but nowadays it’s more than clear for me this is true. If you walk around the street in the city centre you can be sure you will meet many different origins beside the British (Aussie) ones.


In comparison with Czech salaries the Australian ones are very high. You can be amazed by hourly rate for manually working people as they can earn from $20 – dishwashers, kitchen

Kangaroo in Mundarring Weir

hands, cleaners etc. Even over $30/hr is not any exception for Aussie citizens.

Totally different world

In Australia maybe everything is different to Europe. What is the most similar to our country is the modern city centre, the river and the ocean (which we don’t have). All the rest is like to be on another planet. The birds in the city are parrots (pigeons too), also all the others birds are totally different. All the landscape is different. You can find different trees, rocks and even soil. The soil is red/orange like full of iron.

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