About me

Peter's Real Estate PhoographyI should tell something about myself. At the beginning, and as you have already discovered, my name is Peter. I was born some time ago 🙂 in Europe, got bachelor degree from IT, worked some time and then moved to Perth. I really enjoy traveling, any kind of sport; soccer and voleyball are my favourite. But what is my real passion.. try to guess! Yes, it is photography!

I focus on real estate photography. My professional photo equipment helps me in my effort to get the best quality of the final pictures. After the photo shooting the raw photos comes to the post production works. This step is also important. After that the the job is done.

There is no just me. We work in two, let me introduce my pretty female colleague Paula. She is an easygoing girl enthusiastic about photography. That’s why she helps me with post production works. When I am busy with shooting she’s working by computer.

My Equipment

To be able to get great results starts at the beginning, professional equipment. I cannot make do without my Canon 5D Mark IV camera, of course 🙂 The next piece are lenses, I use wide-angled which are needed especially for interior shooting. In case of dark rooms there is an option to use a tripod or flash. At my work I use both. The flash I use is external that means it is possible to place it to anywhere in the room, just to get the best lightening.