Perth City

Geographical Figures Somebody says it’s the most remote city in the world as the closest city is Adelaide 2,150 kms. Other cities for example Melbourne 2,730 kms, Jakarta 3,020 kms – yes, Jakarta is closer than the rest of Aussie cities on east coast, Sydney 3,280 kms – or Bali Island 2,600 kms. Prague is […]

First Impressions from Australia

It’s a bit strange to post my first impressions from Australia after 7 months living here, but actually I pretty remember them, so it would be a problem to express them well. In fact some of them I’ll never forget in my life 🙂 Prices At the beginning of my stay in Perth I realized […]

Peter’s Personal Blog

Several months ago I decided to create my blog as I was moving to Australia for some time. This was the right time to do it, but finally it’s taken me about 7 months to start. There are two main purposes of my intention. The first is that I have experienced several trips which were […]

Why to hire a professional photographer?

If you are not sure if to hire a professional photographer or not, you should read this article just to get more information and then you will be able to consider all advantages and make your decision easier. There are two groups of people, the first one contains people who are sure it is not necessary […]

How to prepare property for photo shooting?

If we want to make photos of your property really dazzling, correct preparation for photo shooting is essential. There are few recommendations. 1. Keep it clean & tidy All the things have their own place. Clothes should be in wardrobe, food in fridge, blankets on bed… A table should be plain maybe with a simple […]